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HSL to study the travel habits of residents in the capital region in the autumn
21.08.2019 13:05 www.hel.fi

President of Russia Vladimir Putin to make working visit to Helsinki on Wednesday 21 August
21.08.2019 07:00 www.hel.fi

Drone Olympics arranged in September in Helsinki
20.08.2019 16:16 www.hel.fi

Exquisite late-night swimming experience at outdoor pools
20.08.2019 07:17 www.hel.fi

Summer competition: Spot and shoot art nouveau gems!
19.08.2019 12:34 www.hel.fi

Helsinki Festival started on 15 August – the City is full of events
16.08.2019 09:04 www.hel.fi

Vallisaari will be closed on weekdays between 19 Aug and 6 Sep 2019
15.08.2019 10:32 www.hel.fi

Enrolment for autumn sports courses opens on 13 August
13.08.2019 13:43 www.hel.fi

Night of the Arts in Helsinki on Thursday, 15 August
13.08.2019 11:56 www.hel.fi

UN Social Impact Investing Initiative opens new office in Helsinki
12.08.2019 11:28 www.hel.fi