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Cross-sectoral cooperation meets the needs of a changing city – cultural actors seen as a resource and opening new viewpoints
11.12.2018 08:00 www.espoo.fi

Independence Day Gala Concert 2018
10.12.2018 11:00 www.espoo.fi

Iso Omena Service Centre is testing a mobile app
10.12.2018 09:39 www.espoo.fi

One case of measles found in Espoo – low risk of infection
05.12.2018 18:46 www.espoo.fi

New director of the Education and Cultural Sector
05.12.2018 09:00 www.espoo.fi

Espoo’s top attractions highlighted in a new way – City of Espoo to launch a travel app at Slush
03.12.2018 15:00 www.espoo.fi

Watch live broadcast of Independence Day Gala Concert
03.12.2018 11:00 www.espoo.fi

Espoo is the first city in Finland to replace traditional fireworks with a laser light show in the New Year’s Eve celebration
30.11.2018 16:00 www.espoo.fi

3D city model wins the Mayor’s Innovation Competition
30.11.2018 15:00 www.espoo.fi

Peacemaker from Espoo
30.11.2018 09:00 www.espoo.fi

3D trial invites local residents to plan their day-to-day environment
29.11.2018 10:14 www.espoo.fi