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Espoo invited religious communities to a common meal
18.06.2019 15:03 www.espoo.fi

Grant for launching art hobby activities now open for applications
17.06.2019 20:00 www.espoo.fi

The Service Centre will be open during summer with some exceptions
17.06.2019 17:28 www.espoo.fi

Construction in Finnoo kicked off – the city seeks builders for six residential blocks of flats
17.06.2019 16:00 www.espoo.fi

Customer survey: the shopping centre is the right place for the Service Centre
17.06.2019 13:40 www.espoo.fi

Lähiöfest2019 neighbourhood festival to culminate in Espoo
17.06.2019 09:43 www.espoo.fi

Survey on Espoo cultural activities
13.06.2019 13:32 www.espoo.fi

Aiming for smoothly running everyday life, in English too
11.06.2019 16:02 www.espoo.fi

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services more quickly: now guidance and assessment of the need for treatment also by phone
11.06.2019 15:14 www.espoo.fi

Karatalo Summer Wednesdays 19 June–28 August
11.06.2019 08:00 www.espoo.fi

Mobile application receives praise – the same information already available online
10.06.2019 10:22 www.espoo.fi