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Political strike may influence the city’s services on 22–23 October 2018
18.10.2018 15:00 www.espoo.fi

The City of Espoo joins UN leadership programme for sustainable development
17.10.2018 14:44 www.espoo.fi

Espoo is developing ethical rules for artificial intelligence
15.10.2018 14:55 www.espoo.fi

Equality prize TASSU awarded to the Youth Services
10.10.2018 13:00 www.espoo.fi

Mäkelä named Alumni of the Year 2018 by Aalto University School of Engineering
10.10.2018 09:00 www.espoo.fi

Problem solving in the biggest Dash Design Hackathon event in Europe
05.10.2018 10:00 www.espoo.fi

Outsourced dental care in Matinkylä, longer opening hours in municipal dental clinics
26.09.2018 08:00 www.espoo.fi

Thank you for everyone who took our survey on English as a service language!
24.09.2018 09:00 www.espoo.fi

​Fit your butt on the seat – have a go at car sharing
11.09.2018 06:00 www.espoo.fi

Digipore project expedites employment of skilled software developers
10.09.2018 14:00 www.espoo.fi

Business Espoo serves businesses at A Grid in Otaniemi
04.09.2018 10:49 www.espoo.fi