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Health center services are busy — Tips how to find services
16.05.2019 16:16 www.vantaa.fi

Congratulations to the graduates of spring 2019!
16.05.2019 10:01 www.vantaa.fi

Time for election - remember to vote!
13.05.2019 12:38 www.vantaa.fi

Vantaa will have a trial of summertime meals for children and young people in Myyrmäki and Havukoski
07.05.2019 14:00 www.vantaa.fi

Health care services on 1st of May (Vappu)
29.04.2019 15:17 www.vantaa.fi

What is a service voucher and how does it work?
25.04.2019 10:07 www.vantaa.fi

Sun Festival and Vantaa Market of Possibilities – a celebration of sharing and fun
24.04.2019 13:52 www.vantaa.fi

Länsimäki health center will be closed from May 6 to August 11, 2019
23.04.2019 14:12 www.vantaa.fi

A case of tuberculosis at Itä-Hakkila day-care center in Vantaa - risk of falling ill small
18.04.2019 10:13 www.vantaa.fi

Health care services at Easter
18.04.2019 09:59 www.vantaa.fi