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A case of tuberculosis at Itä-Hakkila day-care center in Vantaa - risk of falling ill small
18.04.2019 10:13 www.vantaa.fi

Health care services at Easter
18.04.2019 09:59 www.vantaa.fi

Site-spesific results of Vantaa's indoor-air-symptom survey completed
17.04.2019 15:00 www.vantaa.fi

Vantaa investigated how learning support is realized in education and upbringing
16.04.2019 09:09 www.vantaa.fi

Emergency dental and oral diseases service moves to the Haartman Hospital
14.04.2019 14:21 www.vantaa.fi

Vantaa Megarekry fills Energia Areena with employers and job-seekers
08.04.2019 10:26 www.vantaa.fi

International House Helsinki moves and extends its services
04.04.2019 14:25 www.vantaa.fi

The responses of 17,000 residents of Vantaa have been compiled: indoor air quality problems are experienced in a large portion of schools
03.04.2019 15:55 www.vantaa.fi

Application for schoolchildren’s after-school clubs in April
01.04.2019 08:54 www.vantaa.fi

Spring election drawing closer - let your voice be heard!
26.03.2019 14:37 www.vantaa.fi