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The Tikkurila Library Park will be filled with stars for the August outdoor concerts!
03.07.2019 15:29 www.vantaa.fi

The registration for the Vantaa Wellness Week 2019 is open
28.06.2019 13:42 www.vantaa.fi

Health care and social services at Midsummer
19.06.2019 18:41 www.vantaa.fi

Vegan diet option available at all Vantaa daycare centers and educational institutions
14.06.2019 11:27 www.vantaa.fi

Health and Social Welfare Services’ exceptional opening hours in the summer
05.06.2019 10:43 www.vantaa.fi

The young gather to celebration ending of their studies
29.05.2019 10:45 www.vantaa.fi

School nurse available also during summer vacation
29.05.2019 09:05 www.vantaa.fi

Health care and social services on Ascension Day
28.05.2019 10:47 www.vantaa.fi

Health center services are busy — Tips how to find services
16.05.2019 16:16 www.vantaa.fi

Congratulations to the graduates of spring 2019!
16.05.2019 10:01 www.vantaa.fi