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HAM Helsinki Art Museum to determine its strategy
18.10.2018 14:39 www.hel.fi

Domestic water charges to go up by two percent
18.10.2018 07:39 www.hel.fi

Ressu Upper Secondary School returning to Kalevankatu in January 2020 – repair needs more extensive than expected
17.10.2018 10:05 www.hel.fi

Helsinki’s city brand and tourism image has evolved through various stages of history
17.10.2018 10:15 www.hel.fi

Infopankki.fi contains information about education in Finland
17.10.2018 09:00 www.hel.fi

Helsinki Wholesale Market and Teurastamo area innovation competition starts
16.10.2018 17:19 www.hel.fi

Construction of Finland’s largest rock cavern heat storage facility starts
16.10.2018 09:58 www.hel.fi

Participatory budgeting launched with workshops
16.10.2018 06:49 www.hel.fi

The Port of Helsinki voted as the Greenest Port of the Year
15.10.2018 13:10 www.hel.fi

Lots of activities during autumn holidays
12.10.2018 06:00 www.hel.fi