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Flow Festival and the City of Helsinki joined forces with young people
06.05.2021 16:02 www.hel.fi

Some youth facilities opening on May
05.05.2021 17:49 www.hel.fi

Libraries are ready for restrictions to be lifted
05.05.2021 10:33 www.hel.fi

The City of Helsinki and the police work together to thwart current security threats
03.05.2021 15:07 www.hel.fi

May Day celebrations mostly peaceful in Helsinki – May Day Eve concert in Virtual Helsinki the most viewed TV programme of the day
03.05.2021 15:10 www.hel.fi

11 coronavirus infections on the Valencia Express cargo ship
03.05.2021 13:13 www.hel.fi

The callback service for the health stations is busy
30.04.2021 15:14 www.hel.fi

Coronavirus vaccinations of 50–54-year-old Helsinki residents begin
30.04.2021 15:00 www.hel.fi

Apply for the autumn 2021 open early childhood education playgroup clubs - application period extended until 11 May
30.04.2021 14:37 www.hel.fi

Housing information point opens in Helsinki – guidance will first be offered by phone and chat
30.04.2021 12:41 www.hel.fi